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crticaWelcome to GYAS Corp. GYAS SOLUTIONS

GYAS offers its clients the benefit of premier international investment banking and consulting experience combined with local operating and transaction experience. GYAS brings Wall Street quality value-creating solutions to a broad spectrum of businesses, their lenders and investors. Our clients range from start-ups facing growth issues to mature businesses facing market saturation and competitive pressure. GYAS focuses on highly leveraged companies and transactions in non-bankable or developing industries and economies.

GYAS is a Growth, Transition and Turnaround Solutions Company that serves its clients as the last line of defense and front line of attack when they are faced with critical challenges in their respective life cycles. GYAS is committed to providing actionable solutions to its clients and not becoming just another advisory or consulting firm. Companies need effective and efficient action plans and superior execution that leads to results. GYAS provides such execution unlike most advisors in south-east Europe who typically only deliver identification and analysis of the issues.

At GYAS, we believe that most businesses could be great and that most great business could be better if they engaged us. Please do not hesitate to contact GYAS if you are concerned that your business or investment has reached a critical decision point or if you believe that you may be approaching one. Contact us to find out how GYAS can help maximize the value of your investment. 

“Life improves slowly and goes wrong fast, and only catastrophe is clearly visible.” ~ Edward Teller


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